Aree di Competenza

We represent our clients in arbitration proceedings, including ones taking place before major international tribunals, with particular regard to the fields of law in which we have specific experience. We also provide counsel and assistance regarding alternative dispute resolution, suggesting ways of settling conflicts or, according to the specificities of each case, proposing ways to mediate the conflicting interests.

Our firm ensures its clients total assistance in formulating, drafting and negotiating contracts and their technical annexes. In particular, we provide assistance in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, including international ones. We specialize in company law, counseling with regard to incorporations, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures and preparing shareholders’ and other related agreements. In addition, we have specific experience in drawing up outsourcing contracts regarding high-tech services, such as telecommunications, television broadcasting, e-commerce, and databases and data protection, as well as contracts concerning industrial property and technology transfers.

Our firm provides counsel and represents clients before Administrative Courts of first instance and the Consiglio di Stato, the Italian administrative Supreme Court. We handle administrative litigation, in in the fields of e-communications and network industries, electricity, gas, water, and network transportation (in particular, airports and railroads), public-sector contracts, health services, building and city planning, and public employment. We also assist our clients in administrative proceedings before the regulatory authorities of Italy and the European Union.

Our firm has extensive expertise with regard to both Italian and EU regulations concerning competition. We provide counsel and represent clients before the antitrust and regulatory authorities of Italy and the European Union, as well as before the competent law courts. In addition, we provide legal advice with respect to agreements and transactions regarding business combinations, draw up contracts and agreements in accordance with antitrust law, and handle all obligations of communication and prior notification concerning the antitrust and regulatory authorities.

Our firm provides counsel, prepares among other things models of articles of incorporation and bylaws, and assists clients in extraordinary finance transactions for the sale and acquisition of capital shares, corporate mergers and other combinations, and spin-offs of companies and corporate divisions. We have in-depth experience in establishing consortium companies, associations of companies, and joint ventures between our clients and local public utilities, especially with regard to the construction and operation of telecommunications and electric power networks. In addition, we have extensive expertise in assisting companies throughout the start-up phase, providing counsel as well as preparing the contracts necessary for setting up their corporate organization and commercial operations.

Endowed with extensive experience in this field, our firm provides counsel on matters regarding the protection of patents, trademarks and other distinctive signs and represents clients before the competent law courts and arbitration tribunals in case of disputes. We specialize particularly in the protection of intellectual and industrial property and distinctive signs with regard to Internet, as well as the rights connected with the creation and/or elaboration of software and hardware. We also draw up contracts regarding licenses and transfers of know-how and technologies. Finally, we work in the field of misleading advertising, giving advice with regard to the legality of advertising campaigns and representing clients in dispute and/or verification proceedings before the competent courts and the Authority for Competition and the Market and the advertising industry’s Self- Regulation Board.

Our firm assists clients in all phases of the bankruptcy process, preparing the required documents, such as proofs of claim and objections to liabilities. We also handle all aspects of disputes before bankruptcy courts, including revocatory actions and the preparation of complaints to appeals courts against rejections of petitions in bankruptcy.

We provide counsel on matters regarding public utilities, dealing with juridical and regulatory problems connected with the liberalization of the markets for network services (electricity, gas, water, and network transportation). We also assist our clients in proceedings before independent, Italian and EU regulatory authorities, as well as represent them in disputes before the competent law courts and arbitration tribunals. Finally, our firm provides legal assistance and support in formulating investment plans and preparing contracts regarding project financing and other kinds of financing.

Our firm has extensive experience with respect to telecommunications and provides counsel on the juridical and regulatory problems connected with the liberalization of the relative services. We assist our clients in proceedings before independent, Italian and EU regulatory authorities, as well as represent them in litigation before the competent law courts and arbitration tribunals. We also handle the drafting and negotiation of contracts regarding interconnection between telecommunications networks, roaming between wireless telephony companies, and the outsourcing of telecommunications and radio/television broadcasting services. In addition, we assist clients in privacy matter, providing counsel, assistance before the Privacy Authorities and in litigation in such matter. We assist clients in carrying out e-commerce projects, especially ones regarding banking and finance, providing counsel and assistance in negotiating and drafting contracts connected with on-line business, such as ones concerning housing, hosting and webdesign.